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fclose() Function in C Programming Language

fclose() Function in C
Close file. Closes the file associated with the stream and disassociates it. All internal buffers associated with the stream are disassociated from it and flushed: the content of any unwritten output buffer is written and the content of any unread input buffer is discarded. Even if the call fails, the stream passed as parameter will no longer be associated with the file nor its buffers.
Syntax for fclose() Function in C
#include <stdio.h> int fclose ( FILE * stream );
Pointer to a FILE object that specifies the stream to be closed. The fclose() function shall cause the stream pointed to by stream to be flushed and the associated file to be closed. Any unwritten buffered data for the stream shall be written to the file; any unread buffered data shall be discarded. Whether or not the call succeeds, the stream shall be disassociated from the file and any buffer set by the setbuf() or setvbuf() function shall be disassociated from the stream. If the associated buffer was automatically allocated, it shall be deallocated. After the call to fclose(), any use of stream results in undefined behavior. If the stream is successfully closed, a zero value is returned. On failure, EOF is returned.
/* close the file associated with the stream and disassociates it by close() function example */ /* Open, write and close a file : */ # include <stdio.h> # include <string.h> int main( ) { FILE *fp ; char data[50]; // opening an existing file printf( "Opening the file test.c in write mode" ) ; fp = fopen("test.c", "w") ; if ( fp == NULL ) { printf( "Could not open file test.c" ) ; return 1; } printf( "\n Enter some text from keyboard" \ " to write in the file test.c" ) ; // getting input from user while ( strlen ( gets( data ) ) > 0 ) { // writing in the file fputs(data, fp) ; fputs("\n", fp) ; } // closing the file printf("Closing the file test.c") ; fclose(fp) ; return 0; }

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