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C Programming Code Examples

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#ifdef Directive in C Programming Language

#ifdef Directive in C
This directive is the simplest conditional directive. This block is called a conditional group. The controlled text will get included in the preprocessor output iff the macroname is defined. The controlled text inside a conditional will embrace preprocessing directives. They are executed only if the conditional succeeds. You can nest these in multiple layers, but they must be completely nested. In other words, '#endif' always matches the nearest '#ifdef' (or '#ifndef', or '#if'). Also, you can't begin a conditional group in one file and finish it in another.
Syntax for #ifdef Directive in C
#ifdef MACRO controlled text #endif /* macroname */
Note: The #ifdef directive must be closed by an #endif directive.
/* the #ifdef directive allows for conditional compilation. The preprocessor determines if the provided macro exists before including the subsequent code in the compilation process. */ #include<stdio.h> #define PI 3.14 int compute_area(int radius) { return 3.14*radius*radius; } void main() { int area=0, radius=10; #ifdef PI area = compute_area(radius); #else area = 200; #endif printf("\nArea of circle: %d", area); }

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