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regfree() Function in C Programming Language

regfree() Function in C
Release memory allocated for a regular expression. The regfree() function frees any memory that was allocated by the regcomp() function to implement the regular expression preg. After the call to the regfree() function, the expression that is defined by preg is no longer a compiled regular or extended expression.
Syntax for regfree() Function in C
#include <regex.h> void regfree(regex_t *preg);
A pointer to the regex_t object for the regular expression that you want to free; see regcomp().
/* release memory allocated for a regular expression by regfree() function code example */ #include <regex.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main(void) { regex_t preg; char *pattern = ".*(simple).*"; int rc; if (0 != (rc = regcomp(&preg, pattern, REG_EXTENDED))) { printf("regcomp() failed, returning nonzero (%d)\n", rc); exit(EXIT_FAILURE); } regfree(&preg); printf("regcomp() is successful.\n"); return 0; /************************************************************ The output should be similar to: regcomp() is successful. ************************************************************/ }

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